Polish PM Tusk presses EU for greater defense commitment

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk
Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk

Europe entered a "pre-war era" and experiencing "the most critical moment in history since World War II", Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said March 29.

Tusk conveyed the gravity of Europe's current state, during a statement reported by the Polish news agency PAP on March 29.

"We are living in the most critical moment since World War II," Tusk declared, stressing the pivotal nature of the near future. "The next two years will decide everything."

Tusk advocated for a substantial increase in defense expenditures across European Union nations, questioning why spending remains below 2% of GDP.  "We spend 4 percent on defense, but I understand our security situation is more complex compared to countries like Spain or Italy," he said.

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Tusk reinforced the necessity of meeting the 2% GDP defense spending threshold, expressing bewilderment over the resistance to this benchmark.

"However, 2 percent of GDP is a must," Tusk said. "I do not understand how this can be questioned."

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