Political newcomer David Lundrigan seeks Ward 3 seat on Cavan Monaghan Township council

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Newcomer to municipal politics David Lundrigan hopes to bring an economically-centred approach to Cavan Monaghan Township council — drawing from his decades of experience in the business world — to nurture existing businesses and attract new enterprises to the rapidly growing township.

He’s running to become Ward 3 councillor.

Coun. Ryan Huntley is the incumbent for Ward 3, formerly known as Millbrook Ward before electoral boundaries were redrawn by council last summer. While Huntley has yet to declare whether he intends to seek re-election ahead of the Oct. 24 election, he told The Examiner he plans to make a decision next week.

So far, Lundrigan is the only candidate to file a nomination to run for council. Former Peterborough mayor Daryl Bennett is running to become the township’s mayor.

Lundrigan, a father of two originally from Pickering, has lived in Millbrook for a year. Previously, he lived in Bailieboro for 13 years.

“I have the time to commit to what is required and can give it my all, all my efforts. So I thought now is a good time to think about running so we could at least start working toward building up Millbrook and making sure that we’re self-sufficient within our own boundaries,” Lundrigan said.

The business-oriented father of two, who previously owned a restaurant in Bowmanville, owns two gyms in Toronto.

Despite his lack of experience in politics, Lundrigan feels he’ll be able to apply business experience to the role of councillor.

“I have 20-odd years in customer service in the restaurant industry and listening to people. That is one of my biggest strengths — understanding what the needs are and trying to work with folks to get those accomplished,” he said.

“I think I can run Cavan Monaghan Ward 3 as a business, just like I have in my previous ventures,” Lundrigan continued.

Vying for a spot on council at a time when the township is experiencing rapid growth — the population is swelling, new subdivisions are popping up and Kawartha Downs in the midst of a sprawling revitalization project — Lundrigan says he’ll work to nurture further development, while giving special attention to supporting small businesses.

He says implementing innovative ideas will be key to ensuring the growth continues.

“Over the next couple of weeks, I will be reviewing Cavan South Monaghan’s strategic plan and budget and explore what may be possible to revisit or introduce innovation. We need new business to come into this community to continue to thrive. I’m willing to try new things,” he said.

“To serve community members, let’s grow at a pace that’s comfortable for everybody and support local business.”

Brendan Burke is a staff reporter at the Examiner. His reporting is funded by the Canadian government through its Local Journalism Initiative. Reach him at bburke@metroland.com.

Brendan Burke, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Peterborough Examiner

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