New political party aims to keep it simple

A new political party has premiered on the scene less than two years before the next provincial election.

KISS N.B. Political Party, which stands for keep it simple solutions, is the brainchild of Woodlands, N.B politician Gerald Bourque. He said the idea for the party came after the government's town hall meetings about the budget.

"The only conclusion that we come to is that both parties, the Liberals and the Conservatives, are exactly the same and that something had to be done or this province was going to go bankrupt," said Bourque.

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This isn't Bourque's first foray into provincial politics. He ran in the riding of Fredericton-York in the last provincial election as an independent after failing to secure the Liberal nomination in that riding. He received 2.9 per cent of the vote.

Party policy

While Bourque's party does have policies it wants to implement he said the party's position on the political spectrum is complicated.

"I'd put my party on the political spectrum in the concern for the people of New Brunswick. I don't care where you stick it. I never really figured out the right and the left," said Bourque.

Policies the new party champions is the creation of a New Brunswick constitution that all political parties would be bound to follow, controlling the debt and reinstating tolls on provincial highways.

"Bernard Lord went in and promised to take the tolls off. He didn't take the tolls off, he took the toll booths off. We are paying shadow tolls," said Bourque.

Chances in 2018

Bourque hopes to run a full slate of candidates in the next election. Even though the province already has five registered political parties, Bourque is confident in his party's chances.

"I have a great team so far started out. Way above what I expected," said Bourque.

The next provincial election is scheduled for Sept. 24, 2018.