Politicians applaud Russell staff

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EMBRUN – The township of Russell’s politicians applauded municipal staff for their many accomplishments in 2020, as well as their robust plans for 2021. CAO Jean Leduc presented the results of Russell’s 2020 business plan along with the 2021 business plan during the March 15 council meeting. Leduc told council he is hoping to deliver a high number of completed projects by the end of 2021. “I congratulate you and your team for the amount of work that is there,” Coun. Mike Tarnowski said. “When you see them all together you realize the amount of work that is being done by the township and staff.” In his report, Leduc said that COVID-19 had an impact on what staff was able to do in 2020 resulting in some unfinished projects. This is not typical for Russell’s staff, as Leduc said their business plans are always “ambitious and a significant number of projects are started and completed.” In the 2020 summary, Leduc said 33 per cent of projects were completed, 50 per cent are now underway or about to be completed, 17 per cent were not started or deferred to 2021, and two per cent were cancelled. As for the 2020 capital projects’ list, 62 per cent of projects were completed, 21 per cent are ongoing, and 17 per cent were not started or cancelled. “While the 2020 pandemic raised some challenges and affected timelines regarding our township business plan, I am proud of the flexibility and adaptability of the staff to accomplish so much during trying times,” Mayor Pierre Leroux said. “We have some amazing projects for 2021 and I am confident in staff's ability to get the jobs done. There are 140 projects of varying complexity listed in the 2021 business plan. The objectives and timelines for each project are laid out along with notes identifying the departments involved. “The 2021 business plan has been completed with the collaboration of department heads and their staff,” Leduc said in his report. “The 2021 business plan does include projects and/or actions from the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan, department heads’ own initiatives, as well as strategies identified in the township annual report card results.” Both the 2020 summary and the 2021 plan can be found in the March 15 council agenda package.

Sandy Casselman , Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Chesterville Record