Politicians have created a multicultural monster beyond control. Who gets the blame? We do

Riots erupted in Dublin last week after five people were injured in an attack
Riots erupted in Dublin last week after five people were injured in an attack - PA

Back in July, around the time of my birthday, I happened to clock a protest by women my age in south Dublin. Several splendid Irish mammies with crossly-crossed arms and don’t-mess-with-me-mister expressions were blocking roads in their neighbourhood after rumours circulated on social media that 60 undocumented male asylum seekers were to be housed there. “We come out and stand here and protest to keep our children and grandchildren safe and we are called ‘racist,’” one woman said defiantly. “People are afraid. There is no one coming to speak to us. All the political parties do is use Facebook to call frightened women racists and bullies.”

What struck me about those women in their 40s, 50s and 60s – women with daughters and granddaughters to worry about – was that a major part of their anger arose from the fact that, not only were they not being heard, they were being treated as the problem. They weren’t the problem, and they knew they weren’t.

The problem was that their government was allowing men from God-knows-where into their community. Mainly young men who would want sex (how rarely that basic fact is mentioned) and who came from countries where girls with their heads uncovered, their flesh exposed, are viewed by some as fair game.

It was perfectly clear to the Irish women that the safety of their children should come first, above any other consideration. In any previous generation, it would have. But Western governments like theirs are so wedded to a multicultural experiment that they have failed to prevent a large number of illegal migrants (and far too many legal immigrants in the UK’s case) into their countries, often without adequate checks.

This is such a vast, epochal mistake, the consequences so volatile and hard to control, that governments are now running scared and cannot own up to their mistake. Instead, the people must be blamed for their “hateful” reaction to the mistake.

The very thing those south Dublin mammies were supposedly “fearmongering” about happened last week in – oh, look! – Dublin. Three tiny children and a teacher were stabbed in a crazed knife attack. The chief suspect is a man who arrived from Algeria two decades ago; who has come to Garda attention for possession of a knife, and who was scheduled for deportation years ago, but won the right to remain in Ireland in the high court.

Shocking riots broke out on the streets of the city. Irish Garda commissioner Drew Harris condemned the “disgraceful scenes in Dublin”, claiming that “a hooligan faction driven by far-Right ideology” was behind the violence on the streets. But that wasn’t the whole story. It’s true that a lot of opportunistic yobs piled in, looting shops and setting fire to vehicles. But it’s also true that peaceful protests came to a head in that blazing eruption of public anger.

A man being detained during the unrest in Dublin
A man being detained during the unrest in Dublin - Reuters

As the political commentator John McGuirk, editor of the Gript website, tweeted: “When thousands of people protested peacefully in East Wall, and in other communities across Dublin, their reward was not to be recognised or engaged with for their peaceful political participation. Their reward was rather to be called far-Right, deplorable, and the dregs of Irish society. Every single effort has been made to silence people. Today, they made themselves heard. I wish they had chosen another way. And then I remember. They did. And you all refused to listen.”

The appalling attack on the children came just a few days after a Slovak Romany migrant was jailed for the murder of a teacher, 23-year-old Ashling Murphy. The brutal killing shocked Ireland. Last year, an Iranian migrant murdered two Irish gay men, decapitating one of them. What were those appalling, primitive brutes even doing in the country?

Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and his woke commissars act swiftly to suppress such unhelpful thoughts, branding them “far-Right” (the new phrase for patriotism and defending your culture). There is mounting evidence, however, that left-leaning Irish people are also concerned about the damaging impact of rapid demographic change. (One fifth of Ireland’s five million population are now foreign-born.) Polled on the question, “I think the number of refugees Ireland is now taking in is too many”, 75 per cent agreed. And 76 per cent backed, “I can appreciate some of the anger people feel about asylum seekers being moved into their local area.”

Yet, the only problem the Irish authorities were prepared to admit had been caused by vast numbers of incomers is “a rise in anti-immigrant sentiment”. See what they did there? It’s your fault you’re scared, you bigots!

Repulsively, Varadkar devoted less than 10% of his post-riots press conference to the attempted slaughter of tiny children, preferring to denigrate the white working class for their racism. However, it’s getting harder and harder for globalists like him to suppress inconvenient facts about nationality and religion in order to maintain public order.

In a devastating victim impact statement, Ashling Murphy’s boyfriend Ryan Casey demanded: “How can someone come to this country, get social housing, social welfare, not hold down a job of any description and never contribute to society for 10 years? This is not the country that Ashling and I grew up in and once loved. It has officially lost its innocence. This country needs to wake up. This time things have got to change. This country is simply not safe anymore. I’m afraid our country is heading down a very dangerous path.”

Ryan’s impassioned speech was omitted from every report of the trial, but they can’t stop it resonating in the hearts of millions.

Flames rise from a car at the junction of Bachelors Walk and the O'Connell Bridge, during the Dublin riots
Flames rise from a car at the junction of Bachelors Walk and the O'Connell Bridge, during the Dublin riots - AFP

Surely, by now, it is clear that the Irish and, indeed, the population here in the UK, are being gaslit on a grand scale. Undocumented males from the war-torn Middle East and North Africa arriving in our neighbourhoods are not the problem, they say smoothly. It’s prejudiced people like us, who don’t want young foreign men with no concept of Western values around our daughters and granddaughters, that are the problem.

So why do I keep being sent stories about British women being terrorised on the streets of their towns? Here is just one email I got last week from a Telegraph reader in Staffordshire. “The situation with the migrants in Cannock is dire,” writes Jenny, “Women cannot go out on the streets alone, especially at night. The males gather around school gates and follow the girls and they follow the women around in gangs. They do not speak English which makes their behaviour all the more alarming. When the police are called, they arrive in their cars, place the men in them then drive them back to where the illegal migrants are living.

“This happens daily. Locals have written to the council and MPs and the outcome is that anyone who is worried about this is invited to sessions with police who tell them there is nothing to be done and that the indigenous population have to alter their behaviour so as not to cause upset among the migrant population. Women are advised not to go out alone in the evening and be mindful of the way they are dressed.”

You’ll have to forgive me, but learning about women in my own country being advised to adjust their behaviour and their clothing to avoid inflaming men who arrived here uninvited makes me mad as hell. Multiculturalism only works if – and it’s a big if – newcomers are obliged to integrate with the host culture; not the other way around.

The British political class needs to look urgently across the Irish Sea to glimpse what dangers lie ahead. As grief-stricken Ryan Casey urged us, we need to wake up as a country. Major public support is emerging for an immediate, five-year freeze on all further immigration into the UK so we can absorb the huge numbers already here – 53 per cent of all voters agree; 78 per cent of Conservative voters and even 33 per cent of Labour voters. Instead, the Prime Minister this week gaily urged yet more foreign students to come and his Suella-less Cabinet shut their eyes and look the other way. Laura Farris, newly appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Victims and Safeguarding, said “the arrival of hundreds of thousands of immigrants could embolden political extremists”.

Yeah, right, Laura, that’s obviously the main threat posed by the out-of-control mass immigration presided over by your hapless government. Seriously, where do they find these people?

I don’t know about you, but I stand with the Irish mammies guarding their communities like lionesses. “The likes of the toerags coming into this country – they’re not vetted and are causing havoc. When we do things peacefully we get ignored,” one mother said after the Dublin riots that an Irish government, which has recklessly endangered its own citizens, tried to blame on far-Right thugs. Here’s the thing: all of us are “far-Right” when our loved ones are at risk of being stabbed by someone who shouldn’t be in our country.

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