Pop-up Testing Site in Wakaw

·2 min read

Sixty-five people approximately took advantage of the pop-up mobile COVID-19 testing clinic that was held at the Wakaw Primary Health CEC on Thursday January 7, 2020 from 4-8 pm. There was no indication as to whether the SHA set up the clinic in response to the outbreak at Lakeview Pioneer Lodge, but with at least twenty-five staff members from the Lodge who are also community members, being potentially infectious it would seem a fairly safe assumption.

With a couple of different procedure rooms designated for use as testing stations, people who wanted to be tested entered through the main doors, presented their Saskatchewan Health Card and then were directed to the station for testing. Once the test was completed, individuals then proceeded down the hallway to exit the building through the ambulance doors by the lab. Although the testing site did not open until 4 p.m., people began lining up well before then. By the time the doors were ready to open approximately ten people were already lined up, two metres apart, waiting to be tested. Those who responded to our questions expressed the desire to make sure that they did not have the virus and not know it, and many said that they had a family member who was at a higher risk of developing serious complications if they contracted the virus.

While no one said the test was painful, a couple said they weren’t expecting the swab to be taken as high in their nose whereas a couple others said they were expecting the “brain-stabbing” others they knew had described. Everyone felt that it was a good idea to have the pop-up test site here especially right now, and some wished that testing was available here all the time. For privacy reasons of course, the SHA will not release information relating to whether or not any that were tested were positive for the virus, but for those who were tested they have the peace of mind of knowing their current COVID status.

Carol Baldwin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Wakaw Recorder