Pop-up travelling wine bar showcases Winnipeg's underused licensed spaces

Pop-up travelling wine bar showcases Winnipeg's underused licensed spaces

Walking the blustery streets of Winnipeg on a cold winter evening, you just might step in to a wine bar — one that wasn't there the day before, and won't be there tomorrow. 

Endive is the city's first drop-in travelling bar.

"A lot of wine bars — my favourite spots I've been to — at their core they're walls, good wine and good service, and I feel that could be emulated anywhere," said Endive owner Peter Hill.

The pop-up wine bar will make its temporary home in different licensed spaces that aren't used regularly, Hill explained.

This weekend, it's at the Bouchée Boucher shop on Tache Avenue, but it'll only be there Saturday and next Thursday and Friday before it moves on.

While there may be limited seating and a changing location, Hill said the beverages on the menu will keep people coming back.

Endive is focused on natural wine that is sustainably farmed, with the transition from grape to wine involving as little intervention as possible, Hill said.

"Ultimately it makes for wine that is better for the Earth, better for people drinking it and also has a bit of personality."

Some wines are light, bubbly and approachable, while others have a dark streak and are a little more complex, Hill said.

Like the array of wine, Hill said he hopes the travelling wine bar will also showcase unique and varied nooks and crannies of Winnipeg.

"I feel there are a number of spaces that are not used all the time."

For more information visit the Endive wine bar website.