Pope calls meeting of key bishops on sexual abuse: Vatican

By Philip Pullella
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    They are going to meet in February? Doesnt sound like they are really taking this seriously. What kind of immediate response it that and where are the wormen that they should be meeting with? Here is our response:
    Roman Catholic Women Priests

    Bishops Respond
    to the
    Pennsylvania Grand Jury Findings

    26 August 2018

    We, the undersigned international circle of Bishops representing the Roman Catholic Women Priests movement, state the following:

    • We thank the Pennsylvania State's Attorney for doing the work the Roman Catholic Bishops have failed to do and for disclosing the criminal conduct of hundreds of Roman Catholic priests and an estimated thousand child victims.
    • We condemn the conduct of priest sex offenders. We condemn the conduct of Bishops who conspired to cover up the criminal conduct of priest sex offenders and expanded the number of child victims by transferring offending clergy to new assignments. We condemn the conduct of Bishops who failed to report clergy accused of sexual crimes to local law enforcement agencies for investigation and possible prosecution. We condemn the conduct of Bishops who themselves engaged in sex offenses with minor victims. We condemn the conduct of all clergy, priests and bishops, who engaged in the sexual harassment of adult women and/or men.
    • We believe the structure of priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church is bankrupt and corrupt and must be completely restructured.

    We call upon the U.S. Bishops to tender their resignations as bishops subject to the acceptance or rejection of Pope Francis.

    • We call upon Pope Francis to establish a lay led ecumenical council to explore new structures for church leadership and church order, including:

    1. the ordination of married men, women, and people of all genders;
    2. the normalization of LGBTQ relationships and same sex marriage;
    3. the establishment of a process for participation of local laity in the selection/election of their bishops;
    4. the establishment of lay representation by 2/3 in all ecumenical councils for purposes of developing and setting Roman Catholic theology, policy, self-understanding and practice.

    We are aware that this sexual abuse crisis is a worldwide crisis, occurring on every continent where the Roman Catholic Church has a presence. This crisis dramatically affects all of God's people.

    Healing and renewal in the Roman Catholic Church can only begin after a serious accounting of its hierarchy. A recall of the current, collective leadership and a non-hierarchical restructuring of the Church is imperative in order to heal the grave wounds to the body of Christ and move the Church into the 21st century.

    +Marie Evans Bouclin, (Sudbury, ON, Bishop Emerita, RCWP Canada)
    +Merlene Olivia Doko, (Pismo Beach, CA, Bishop Emerita, RCWP-USA)
    +Patricia Fresen, (Stuttgart, Germany and Johannesburg, South Africa, RCWP)
    +Joan M. Clark Houk, (South Bend, IN, RCWP-USA, Great Waters Region)
    +Andrea Michele Johnson, (Annapolis, MD, RCWP-USA, Eastern Region)
    +Jane Kryzanowski, (Regina, SK, RCWP Canada)
    +Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger, (Pettenbach, RCWP Austria/ Europe)
    +Nancy Louise Meyer, (Indianapolis, IN, RCWP-USA, Midwest Region)
    +Maria Regina Nicolosi, (Mission Viejo, CA, Bishop Emerita, RCWP-USA)
    +Ida Raming, (Stuttgart, RCWP Germany)
    +Sibyl Dana Reynolds, (Pebble Beach, CA, Bishop Emerita, RCWP-USA)
    +Suzanne Avison Thiel, (Portland, OR, RCWP-USA, Western Region)
    +Jane Via, (San Diego, CA, RCWP-USA, Western Region)

    Andrea Johnson
    Suzanne Thiel
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    ACTIONS, not words. Every sacrament is identified by actions and a physical token of grace. Apply the same active grace to the sins of the clergy, not "prayers and silence."
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    it is so important to him he scheduled it for next year. that says how the church really cares about the issue.
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    Its real simple, ZERO tolerance.
    And zero means zero, no warnings, no excuses. You destroy a child's life and you will be punished severely with jail time. Period.
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    Is he trying to figure out how to stop it or how to do a better job hiding it?
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    A meeting to tell their stories?
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    how can any one claim that this is a faith or a religion when it covers up and hides criminals?
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    Perhaps it would be beneficial for the Catholic leaders to change their rule and allow all Priests and Nuns to marry and have children. One of Gods' commandments was for Adam and Eve to multiply and replenish the world. Soit might be a goodidea for Catholic leaers to marry like regular families and thus obey that first commandment.
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    Call the wolves to train them on how to guard the sheep??
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    only 6 people attended