Popular Charlton rink maintenance discussed

Darlene Wroe

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

CHARLTON - The newly re-constructed Charlton rink is proving to be a popular attraction in the community.

Township public works superintendent Jon Schenk advised Charlton-Dack council that this spring a tie-up location for horses will be constructed at the location as they are frequently used by people to get to the rink.

The tie-up will be constructed east of the rink to provide shelter for the animals, he said.

Solutions for maintenance and cleanup at the well-used site were discussed at the March 6 Charlton-Dack council meeting.

Schenk outlined ice maintenance requirements at the rink, and stated that an hour or possibly two hours of work are required every day to care for the ice surface.

However, he pointed out that maintenance of the rink surface is not the top priority for the township public works department.

Councillor Bill Laurila stated it is going to take time to care for it.

"We've got a really good facility," he said.

Reeve Sandra Parkin said she has heard "a lot of people give really good comments" about the rink.

Schenk added that kids are coming from throughout the area, including Englehart, to use the ice.

Darlene Wroe, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Temiskaming Speaker