At popular park, 'senseless damage' mounts and frustration grows

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St. Thomas police are asking for the public’s help protecting a park in the city’s south end as they investigate $20,000 worth of “senseless damage” in recent weeks.

Benches were broken, signs were stolen and slides were “punctured several times” at Pinafore Park, just south of Elm Street, over several weeks, St. Thomas police spokesperson Tanya Calvert said. “That made it unsafe for the kids to use, so they had to shut it down.”

No arrests have been made, police said.

Police assign officers to patrol the park regularly but are asking the public to report any suspicious activity or damage in the area.

Damage to local parks is not common as police are typically only called occasionally for such incidents, Calvert said. “Normally, people are respectful, and we don’t have this persistent damage happening,” she said.

St. Thomas police ask anyone with information about the damage at Pinafore Park to contact them at 519-631-1224.

Calvi Leon, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, London Free Press

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