Popular vegan dip allows Medicine Hat fitness-training couple to keep income up

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A local couple is making waves around the city with a homemade vegan dill dip.

Daniel Kapeta and Amy Kopp are both personal trainers in the Hat and have eaten plant-based diets for years. After searching far and wide for dairy-free dips, the couple gave up and decided to make their own.

“When we started dating I still ate meat and Amy was vegetarian. After a bit of back-and-forth with meat, we both went completely vegan,” said Kapeta.

“One thing we really missed was dips – every dip we liked had dairy in it and we just couldn’t find anything we liked that was vegan,” said Kopp. “For quite a while we just accepted having nothing to dip things in, but we got tired of that so we started to experiment making our own dip.

“That’s how we came up with Daniel’s Dip.”

They started out by simply enjoying the dip as a family, but over time got more encouragement to sell it around the city.

After selling orders by delivery and at fitness classes, the dip made its first retail appearance at Heartbreaker Dance and Fitness. Very quickly other stores reached out to see if they could see Daniel’s Dip and it is sold all around the city and in Redcliff.

“The support has been incredible – unbelievable,” said Kapeta. “We just want to thank everyone for supporting local.”

The dip is made in Medicine Hat and is a healthier choice, Kopp says.

“We just got the nutritional tests back and they’re really good,” she said. “As far as dip goes, this is up there.

“It being dairy-free is just a bonus, because people won’t feel as bloated after eating it.”

With a slowdown in business due to COVID-19 protocols, the couple has had time to put more time and effort into growing another business.

“We’ve been able to really focus on the dip,” said Kopp. “We have to make money to put a roof over our head and feed our family.

“Daniel’s Dip is really important for us right now.”

Those looking for more information can find the Daniel’s Dill Dip Facebook group where they can see where the dip is in stock and when more batches will be made. The page also shares the whereabouts of the Dip Fairy, who gives away product every Sunday.

Mo Cranker, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Medicine Hat News