Port Dover woman wins lottery — for the third time

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Lady Luck has taken a shine to Elaine Thompson.

The Port Dover woman recently won $100,000 through the Instant Crossword Tripler scratch card, a feat made all the more impressive because it was Thompson’s third time winning the lottery in the past decade.

“I won $100,000 on Crossword in 2013 and nine years ago I won $100,000 on Encore in a group with two other coworkers,” said a baffled Thompson, who bought her latest winning ticket for $5 at the Pioneer gas station in Port Dover.

“I was stunned more than anything else — I had to scan it a second time because it didn’t really register,” she said.

Thompson, 68, said she and her husband, Terrance, 71, regularly play the lottery. Despite her recent three-peat, she said taking home a big cash prize remains thrilling.

“There’s even more of a sense of disbelief when you win for a third time,” Thompson said.

The couple plans to use their unexpected windfall on a big trip once pandemic restrictions are lifted, with their granddaughter already pushing for Hawaii.

“We haven’t done a family vacation in a while,” Thompson said. “It will be a real highlight for all of us.”

J.P. Antonacci, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Hamilton Spectator

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