Winnipeg city council votes 11-3 to reopen landmark Portage and Main to pedestrians

Winnipeg's landmark intersection at Portage Avenue and Main Street will be reopening to pedestrian traffic after more than 40 years.

Councillors voted 11-3 to reopen the intersection to pedestrians by the summer of 2025.

Concrete barriers have prevented pedestrian crossings at the intersection, forcing people to go through an underground concourse.

A report to city council says multimillion-dollar repairs are needed to the underground walkway, with water leaking in after rainstorms.

The repairs would also tie up vehicle traffic above ground for years.

Mayor Scott Gillingham says the city has to do what is right now and for the future.

People have congregated by the thousands at the well-known intersection to celebrate milestones, from the end of war to the return of the National Hockey League.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 21, 2024.

The Canadian Press