Post election, new council members from Hastings Highlands, Limerick and Carlow Mayo comment on new roles

Last week, The Bancroft Times spoke to the new council members in Tudor and Cashel Township and Faraday Township about their election wins and what they hope to accomplish during the next four years. This week, we spoke with the new council members from Hastings Highlands, Limerick and Carlow Mayo to get their comments on what they’d like to achieve in the next council’s term. Next week, we’ll touch base with the remaining new council members we’ve not heard from yet from Carlow Mayo and Hastings Highlands.

New Hastings Highlands Mayor Tony Fitzgerald says he is honoured and privileged to be elected mayor of the Municipality of Hastings Highlands.

“We have many challenges facing us, but I look forward to working with the members of the new council. Together we can continue to ensure that all residents of Hastings Highlands, both permanent and seasonal, receive the best possible governance possible. I would also like to thank all the candidates who put their names forward in this election. It takes courage and dedication to your community to stand for public office. They deserve our respect and appreciation,” he says.

Limerick Township’s new Mayor Kim Carson says she’s honoured to have the opportunity to serve the people of Limerick and thanks them for their confidence in her to represent them as their new mayor.

“During my campaign, I had the opportunity to meet many people and hear their suggestions and concerns around taxes, lack of jobs and protecting our environment from invasive forms of industry. I’ve been here all my life, I’ve seen so many changes to the township and I know we can continue to grow in a responsible way that will benefit all of us,” she says.

Carson says she wants to protect municipal waterways to make Limerick unique and a preferred destination. She also wants to ensure that council’s decision-making process is committed to investing in better infrastructure combined with climate change and social policy to assist in long-term savings and controlling emissions to reduce greenhouse gases. She also wants to attract new small, owner operated businesses to help keep taxes low while delivering on services. She says that only through promotion and leadership will new jobs and investment come to Limerick, making it a place where business thrives.

“I look forward to bringing my experience, my contacts at all levels of government and an openness to listening to what residents have to say. Working with a committed council, we each bring different skills to our roles that will enhance our ability to serve the people of Limerick. Through transparency and meeting with people to hear their ideas on how to make Limerick Township better, we will have success together. It’s our township. I know if we work together, we can achieve great things for all of us to enjoy this beautiful place,” she says.

New Limerick Councillor Shawn Pack says he is excited that he’s been given this opportunity to personally grow and develop and serve his community.

“I want to make economic and tourism development in our township a priority,” he says.

New Limerick Councillor Grace Hamm says that right away, she thinks she’ll be in learning mode.

“Being an acclaimed councillor doesn’t guarantee I will be liked or supported by the people of the township. I will listen to both sides and be fair and hope over time the people of the township will consider me to be a good councillor. My hope is to see Limerick Lake Estates moving forward. We are a small township and I would like to see homes and families coming to the area,” she says.

Councillor Pam Stewart is a new addition to council in Carlow Mayo Township and she says she is thrilled and honoured to have been elected to council. She hopes she can provide residents with the level of service they deserve.

“My immediate goal is to reach out to many of our residents and find out where they feel they could use the most help and develop a group of individuals that can assist with providing this help. I truly wish to see some of the ‘old time’ standards back in place, where there is always help when it is needed,” she says. “I want to be a part of making a better tomorrow for everyone.”

Michael Riley, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Bancroft Times