Postal worker apologises for delivering package directly into toilet

A Royal Mail employee loads packages onto a train. Photo from Getty

It’s reasonable to assume that most postal workers have every intention of delivering your package in tip top condition. Unfortunately, life sometimes muddles things up along the way and that package arrives a little worse for wear, or in one recent incident, in the toilet.

Sam Cooke is a British sports journalist. He recently arrived home to discover two delivery slips from the British Royal Mail and decided to share them on Twitter. The first slip was a simply note that seemed to indicate a postal worker simply trying to get job done.

It reads:

“Put put through window”

It’s assumed that the worker couldn’t fit the package in the mail box or through the slot, so instead decided to pop it through an open window. The next delivery slip reveals why this may not have been such a bright idea.

“I’m really sorry I think your parcel might have fallen in the toilet accidentally.”

It’s hard not to appreciate the honesty.

Cooke was kind enough to share a photo revealing that the postal worker’s hunch was tragically accurate:

Cooke’s tweet quickly caught fire, and it wasn’t long before the Royal Mail reached out to say sorry and promised to have the worker swing by to apologise in person. Cooke seems more amused then bothered by the situation, especially considering that whatever was in that soggy package wasn’t damaged during the now viral incident.

So there you have it, just one more reason to always put the lid down.