Posted Up - Bradley Beal plays "Better Than": All-Star or All-NBA?

The Washington Wizards guard joins Yahoo Sports senior NBA insider Chris Haynes to answer some hot questions around the game and give his take on which league honor is better.

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Video Transcript

CHRIS HAYNES: Now, let's play our posted up game of better than presented by Hulu Plus live TV. Bradley Beal is with me, the star of the Washington Wizards. Brad, I'm going to ask you a series of questions and you tell me which of these is better than the other. All right, let's start with number one. All right, what's a better feeling making the All-Star team or making all NBA team?


CHRIS HAYNES: I think I know why, but.


Can you elaborate just a little quick why, why all NBA over All-Star?


CHRIS HAYNES: OK, that's fine. Yeah, y'all get what he said. All right that's fine. Let's go number two. All right, what's a better finish? Nailing the game winning shot, or getting a game winning stop? Oh my goodness, I know what that is but go ahead.

BRADLEY BEAL: Game winning shot.

CHRIS HAYNES: Come on now, man. Who, who we interviewing?

BRADLEY BEAL: Who are you talking to? Shoot and go.

CHRIS HAYNES: That's what I'm saying.


Number three, better city for NBA expansion, St Louis or Gainesville?

BRADLEY BEAL: St Louis baby.


BRADLEY BEAL: We need it, we need it, we need another sports team. Basketball let's bring.

CHRIS HAYNES: All right, number four. Best dresser, Russell Westbrook or LeBron James.


CHRIS HAYNES: I've seen, I've seen some of the fits Rus had on this, this off season. I saw the dress he wore. I'm not into that, much more power to you, if that's your style, if that's how you roll but I have, I have my answer but my answer doesn't matter. I asked you.

BRADLEY BEAL: Ah, this tough because I like Ron style, Ron real subtle like that's how I dress. But I respect Russell's ability to think outside the box. At all the time he don't give a damn is he going to the gas station. He dresses outside the box. So I'm going with Rus.

CHRIS HAYNES: All right, he definitely. That describes so perfectly, outside the box with the attire. All right, my final question. Better post-career move. Being a coach and analyst or an entrepreneur?

BRADLEY BEAL: Part of me wants to say coach because my mom coached. My mom coached me and taught me how to, taught me how to hoop. And now having two boys kind of wants to kind of have that itch to see if I want to. But maybe being an entrepreneur.


BRADLEY BEAL: Because, because I know that'll challenge me outside of hoops.

CHRIS HAYNES: Yeah, for sure and being an entrepreneur you could buy your own team, coach your own team, and be NBA analyst to be on team so.


You can kill all three birds with one stone. Thank you, thank you my guy Bradley Beal. And a reminder to everyone that with Hulu Plus live TV, you can watch live sports, flip channels like cable, and stream like Hulu. Beal, thank you, brother.

BRADLEY BEAL: Always a pleasure, man thank you.

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