Posted Up - Buddy Hield on his future with the Kings & why he's an NBA starter

The Kings guard joined the Posted Up with Chris Haynes podcast to discuss the regular trade rumors around his status in Sacramento, plus how he handled being bounced back and forth between the bench and a starting role. Hear the full conversation on the Posted Up with Chris Haynes podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


CHRIS HAYNES: Buddy, like I said, you always come up when the top teams are looking for shooting, depth. You're one of the first names that come up when we talking about trade rumors. Do you think you'll be a member of the Kings when the season starts?

BUDDY HIELD: I mean, that's not my problem. That's not my job. Leave the job up to [INAUDIBLE] and Monte. That's why you hire those guys, to do that. And my job is to go there and play basketball.

And everybody goes to get the play offs and win a championship. And we haven't done that. And like I said, everything is not being smoothly. I've seen my name in trade rumors. But I can't control that, what people. That's where writers and everybody envision [INAUDIBLE] place. So I'm just being ready to go into Sacramento each and every-- this off season to go over there and playing and compete. And if it doesn't, it doesn't. I can't remember that, nothing but that.

I just got to go in there and just focus on how can I improve this summer. And if I got traded how can I improve the next team?

CHRIS HAYNES: I got to ask you about this, B. I got to ask you. So forgive me. But you had a stretch there where it was like, is Buddy Hield's position going to be, or role, going to be on the bench, or is he going to be a starter? And how was that for you? And did you did you ever come to terms or grips with like, OK, this is me. Or did you just like, you know, I'm a team player. I'm going to whatever is necessary.

BUDDY HIELD: Man, you want me to give a real answer or not? I mean--

CHRIS HAYNES: B, I want the real, B.

BUDDY HIELD: I mean, everybody going to say they're going to be a team player regardless because it's like-- because the situation. But yes, I'm a team player. But me, I'm a scorer. I love to score. I feel like I'm a starter. Everybody feel like they're a starter. This is just human nature.

This is the basketball complex you got. Like yeah, you believe that you still can do it. Yes, I believe I am a starter. I know I'm a starter. But just certain situations that you have to like, just pull back. And certain teams, certain times, some people just give you a long piece of rope and stuff like that.

But yeah, it's like, I need to be more consistent in my role and figure it out. And it's not nobody's fault, none of that. But yeah, this year I'm working my ass off just to show everybody what I'm capable of doing. So yeah, I'm going to get back to that. And I'mma be ready to try [INAUDIBLE].

CHRIS HAYNES: That's what's up.