Posted Up - Ja Morant on why Memphis should be a free agent destination

The Memphis Grizzlies guard joined the “Posted Up with Chris Haynes” podcast to explain why Grind City should be a top destination for players this summer.

Ja joined Yahoo Sports thanks to BodyArmor’s “Edge vs. Everyone” campaign. See the latest ad including Morant and other sports stars on YouTube.

Video Transcript


CHRIS HAYNES: What are the attractions to Memphis? You know, you think about free agency and free agency destinations. You hear about players wanting to go to LA, Miami, New York, Chicago, some of the big markets. What are some of the attractions of playing for the Memphis Grizzlies?

JA MORANT: It's just, you know, having that whole city behind you. I feel like, you know, everybody pretty much know each other. Everybody's, you know, bought into the same thing. They love, you know, basketball out here and you know, when you're doing something good for the city, you get this city behind you, you pretty much, you know, fall in love with it and, you know, you want more, you know, for the city here. Memphis is, you know, that city. You know, I'm happy I'm here, but you know, my goal is to, you know, bring, you know, a ring here and, you know, that's what we're chasing.

CHRIS HAYNES: Now Ja, you're here on behalf of BodyArmor. Talk about, you know, this collaboration.

JA MORANT: You know, obviously, you know, I've been part of, you know, team BodyArmor for a while now and we're extremely blessed to, you know, be a part of this campaign and just continuing to, you know, prove that BodyArmor is the best sports drink in the world. Now having this BodyArmor in it's, you know, campaign where I feel like makes me, you know, a better person. You know, you can wake up, you know, choose whichever flavor you want. All of them good and it also has, you know, caffeine in it to, you know, get you through the day.

CHRIS HAYNES: So are you a coffee drinker, Ja?

JA MORANT: No, I'm not. I'm a BodyArmor Edge drinker.

CHRIS HAYNES: There you go.


Great response there, Ja.


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