Posted Up - Jason Terry on coaching in the NBA: ‘I’m fully confident I could do the job’

The 19-year NBA veteran and coach of the G League’s Grand Rapids Gold joins the “Posted Up with Chris Haynes” podcast to discuss his start in coaching and why he believes he is ready to jump to the game's highest level. Hear the full conversation on the Posted Up with Chris Haynes podcast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


CHRIS HAYNES: You're the head coach of the Grand Rapids, the G League. Just tell me about like what inspired you to get into the coaching fraternity? What led you to coaching?

JASON TERRY: I got to give a lot of credit to the great men that I've come in contact with that have coached me throughout their career that continue to be mentors in my life. Guys like Avery Johnson, Rick Carlisle, Jason Kidd, even the great, late Lute Olson were mentors of mine, had an impact on me as a young man. And so for me, coaching is about impacting lives, mentoring, teaching and inspiring men and empowering young men or women to take ownership in their journey through life. And I've had a great joy in doing so. I've done it at all levels now.

AAU Women's Basketball, high school girls basketball, assistant coach at the University of Arizona, and now at the G League level, coaching the Grand Rapids Gold. And so I'm enjoying life, man. This si my passion and this is my purpose that God has given me and that is to impact lives and continue to do so using basketball as a platform.

CHRIS HAYNES: When did you know in your career? When did you know that this would be your calling?

JASON TERRY: Well, it started back when I was coaching AAU Girls Basketball, my daughter was in about sixth grade. And so for every summer in my off seasons, I would go out driving a 15 passenger van across the country with those young ladies and as they aspired to gain those college scholarships. It was all about having fun, winning, and teaching the basic fundamentals of the game, but also teaching life lessons.

And so throughout my career, I continued to do it. And then towards the latter part of my career, I was able to serve as somewhat as a player coach in Houston under Kevin McHale and JB Bickerstaff and being in Milwaukee under Jason Kidd and his staff with the Milwaukee Bucks. So that's what kind of lit the fire and it's been great ever since.

CHRIS HAYNES: Started from the grassroots. There's a lot of coaches that have coached in the NBA. They don't have that background right there. So I think that speaks to the passion and love you have for the coaching profession. Now, obviously, you do desire to be a head coach one day in this league, is that correct?

JASON TERRY: No doubt about it. I mean, the dream ideal job for me is to go back home and Coach my Seattle Sonics when they ever get the opportunity to have a team back. But immediate goals is definitely to be a assistant bench coach and work my way up and then become a head coach for some lucky NBA franchise that would love to have me. So that's what the goal is. I wouldn't rule out going back to college and coaching at the Division I level, being a head coach or assistant, but right now, my eyes and focus are on the NBA.

CHRIS HAYNES: When do you feel you're ready or do you feel like you're ready right now?

JASON TERRY: Well, I'm definitely ready right now, with the experiences that I've had. And again, not everybody is. I'm just that special case.

I study the game, I'm a student of it. But my ability to connect with this generation, because I played with this generation, and I kind of understand their thought process and what goes behind motivating them each and every day. So if somebody asked me today to come in and lead their organization, I can tell you I can go in fully confident that I'm able to do the job.

CHRIS HAYNES: So what else brings you here, brother?

JASON TERRY: Well, I'm very happy to be partnering with a new and up and coming technology company called FlexIt. It's a virtual personal training app, wherever, whenever. You get a virtual personal trainer at your needs whenever, wherever, and they can take you through a rigorous workout, man. I had my first workout yesterday and I can tell you right now, they push you like no other. It's for anybody, it's for everybody And it's a great technology that's up and coming and that people utilize.