Posted Up - Shaedon Sharpe is the NBA draft’s biggest mystery

Yahoo Sports NBA draft analyst Krysten Peek joins the “Posted Up with Chris Haynes” podcast to break down the intrigue behind the Canadian-born prospect and his NBA potential.

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Video Transcript

CHRIS HAYNES: Another player I want to talk about, KP, is a player who is probably-- you could probably call him the most mysterious player we have in the draft, especially in the lottery, I think-- I say that, what name comes to mind right now?

KRYSTEN PEEK: Shaedon Sharpe.

CHRIS HAYNES: There you go. There you go.

Tell us about him. A lot of people don't know about his skill set, but one of the top high school prospects in his class. But tell me about, like, the path he took to get to this point and why is there so much intrigue with him.

KRYSTEN PEEK: I'll tell you, I mean-- Shaedon, he's originally from Canada. He played prep school at Dream City Christian, outside of Arizona. And during the pandemic, everything was shut down in California, in Nevada. There were only tournaments going on in Utah, of all places, where I actually have a house, and Arizona.

So I want to say, I've probably seen Shaedon Sharpe in person more than anybody out there evaluating him because during the pandemic, like, they came to Salt Lake City, I was going back and forth to Chandler, Arizona for tournaments. And it was one of those things where he was, like, a top 80, top 100 player.

I saw him for the first time and I said, I think you're a top 10 player in this class, and he didn't necessarily believe it. You know, he might have risen too fast, because he's a very soft-spoken player, very quiet kid, it kind of shows on the court, like, he doesn't assert himself with confidence. But his skill set is undeniable, undeniable. Jumping out of the gym.

There was a rumor that came out and I asked Shaedon if this is true, that-- he didn't do any of the measurements at the combine, which I thought he should have at least done the vertical jump, because he can jump out of the gym. And the team tested him and they said he had a 49 inch vertical, which would have been the highest reported vert jump in NBA draft combine history. But he didn't get tested.

And when I asked him, though, he was like, oh yeah, I mean, I get, like-- he's so-- he's so just, like-- he's so just humble and very quiet. But a lot of teams have reservations on the fact that he didn't play a single minute at Kentucky, and they want to know if his motor is there and if he's able if he's going to be able to contribute 82 games a year.

But Chris, I'm telling you, if Shannon Sharpe hits and he's as good as I think he can be, he's a better-shooting Anthony Edwards.

CHRIS HAYNES: Wow, OK. Now, that's saying a lot. That's saying a lot.

Now, KP, I want to ask, so as of right now, in your mock draft you have him at number 6 to the Indiana Pacers. Now, for all of what you said, and you've evaluated him as-- more than anybody out there, would executives view that as a risk? Like, how high is it being considered a risk in taking Shaedon Sharpe?

KRYSTEN PEEK: Of course it's a risk. I think anywhere you take on 5 to 8 to 9 as a risk. But none of it matters because even if they take the risk on Shaedon and he's still a year behind and it's a team like the Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers, even Portland Trail Blazers, none of it matters, because all those teams in that range are going to try to tank for Victor Wembanyama next year, the French phenom, 7 foot 3.

He made-- they went-- he went head-to-head with Chet Holmgren last year and made Chet look like he was on the freshman team, while Victor, a year younger, was dominating. He had eight blocks in the FIBA World Cup when France played Team USA. I mean he-- so, regardless-- regardless if Shaedon Sharpe doesn't land or not, it doesn't matter, because next year's draft is so special, and you're going to see teams, around December, start to tank for this generational type talent.

CHRIS HAYNES: Now Shaedon Sharpe, he worked out for the Portland Trail Blazers, and then I believe he was supposed to work out for the Pelicans in the days ahead, and that workout was canceled, so--

KRYSTEN PEEK: Read between the lines there.

CHRIS HAYNES: Exactly, exactly. So there's people that believe that he might have got a promise at this point. So he's definitely somebody who has, I guess, showcased his skill set in these workouts leading up, and he's putting himself in good shape.

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