Pot store expected to open in Carmacks, Yukon, next month

It's going to be a green Christmas this year in Carmacks, Yukon — or at least that's the retail plan.

Work is underway to open the village's first cannabis store next month.

Kendell Tricker is the owner of The Pot Hole, among other businesses in the community.

"We need to diversify to stay relevant, stay in business," she said.

The store will carry cannabis products, including eventually edibles, and related paraphernalia, Tricker said.

"I just thought that it might be a good opportunity to provide a legal, safe source of cannabis products to the people in the community," she said.

Paul Tukker/CBC
Paul Tukker/CBC

Tricker's licence has already been approved by Yukon's Cannabis Licensing Board.

It will be the territory's fourth private cannabis store to open. Currently, there are two in Whitehorse and one in Dawson City.

Looking for a 'budtender'

Tricker is currently trying to hire a full-time, permanent "budtender," which is a position somewhat akin to a bartender.

"I think they need to be, obviously, very outgoing and friendly," she said. "We're looking for honesty, some integrity, and people who are generally really passionate about the cannabis industry."

Gosia Wozniacka/The Associated Press
Gosia Wozniacka/The Associated Press

One of her biggest concerns, Tricker said, is finding local accommodation for that employee, should she hire someone from outside of the community.

She estimates about $300,000 to $350,000, including for renovations, will have been invested in The Pot Hole by the time it opens, which is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 9.

It will be located off the North Klondike Highway, near the Tatchun Centre.

"I, off the top of my head, can only think of one person recently that had something quite negative and loud to say, but generally, the feedback has been quite positive from the people in our community," Tricker said.