Potential 2nd round steals for Raptors at No.33

Amit Mann is joined by NBA Draft analyst Richard Stayman to discuss prospects who are projected to be picked in the second round who have the potential to be high impact players in the NBA. The full episode is available on the "Raptors Over Everything" podcast feed.

Video Transcript

AMITT MANN: I'm calling this the reach and teach segment, surprising players that the Raptors might draft because they feel like they got a lot of upside. So names that stick out to you for that, sir?

RICHARD STAYMAN: Yeah. There's one name who I don't know what to make of this player. I think this would be the ultimate steal, I'll start at the top, and that's Kendall Brown from Baylor. So I understand he did well at the combine. He was I think the number one or number two athletic tester if you break it down and quantify all that stuff into a chart. He would test it at the top.

And I love his feel for the game. Love his defense. I'm a big fan of his use of athleticism. He knows how to use it as a cutter. He combines all of that, especially you look at what he does off ball. He's always trying to get involved, involve other teammates. I think he can pass a little bit too and that helps a lot when he has the ball in his hands. You can trust him.

Developing the jump shots really the big thing for him though. He's scared to shoot a little bit, at times he's passive. And honestly though, a lot of guys it's like they won't shoot the open 3. He won't shoot it unless he's wide open, which I almost appreciate because he'd rather keep swinging, especially in college, right? It's a 30 second shot clock, you have time.

So keep swinging, find a better shot was kind of his mentality, not I don't want to shoot. I think it's important to separate those things. But I love him as a value player. He's somebody who I've seen people put him in at the end of the lottery at 14 or so and then also put him in a second round. So he has a very wide range.

AMITT MANN: Among the many who have a very, very wide range in this NBA draft. Looking at his stats, as I bring them up here with Baylor, he shot 58% and 9.7 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, and had a steal as well. 34% from 3. So there are some numbers for you.

Another player that kind of fits the bill and I'm curious how the Raptors decide to navigate, how are you deciphering between some of these players that are like very, very similar but there could be very small things that make them different. And I think they are a franchise that really values the conversation that they have with the player. You know Dan Tolzman talked about this a few weeks ago, where he felt like the draft workout is important, but it's also equally important to just talk to the player, understand them.

That's kind of actually where Scottie Barnes really sold them, I'm sure he probably gave him a few hugs and they're just like, oh, this guy is kind of interesting. I didn't expect to get a hug from him, but that was Scottie. And you could really sell the Raptors if you just sell them on your personality, your determination, and your willingness to do what it takes to win games. And Kendall Brown, he's another one that could probably do that for them. What about a name like Jordan Hall?

RICHARD STAYMAN: Jordan Hall is an interesting one. He's been rising through this pre-draft process. Heard he's had some really good workouts. Another one of these jumbo guards. Fits the Masai bill. He's about 6' 7". The big thing for him is defensive intensity needs to be locked in at all times. Could be an issue, though, with the team. I mean, the St. Joseph's team was never good. And honestly, if I had to do everything like he had to on offense, I mean, I get it. Like I understand where he's coming from and why he is so reluctant to play defense at times because he had to do everything on offense.

Shot the ball well at the combine. Needs to shoot it better in game. But you look at 6, 7 point guard who can rebound and just see the floor, drive and kick, get to the basket. It's a really good upside play. And honestly, I would take him over Dalano Banton I think going forward. It's a low key hot take. I know Dalano is like a glove, but I think Jordan's just a little bit more likely to reach that ceiling quicker.

AMITT MANN: It's funny, I was looking at some analysis and scouting reports on players. And for Jordan Hall one person, I forgot, I didn't write down the account, but they said, "Has potential to be this year's Dalano Banton, but is a better shooter."

I love his jump shot, like it is very, very pretty. It looks very fluid. He's able to-- he finds his footing very easily when it comes to pull ups and step backs and fall away jumpers. He had the ball in his hands a lot and so he had opportunities to kind of strut his stuff a little bit. 14 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists, 36% from 3.

Obviously he's able to be that kind of player complementary role when he's not able to have the ball in his hands all the time. That's where you look at the jump shot. And being able to be such a dynamic shooter, a willing shooter, a person that can kind of get the shot off pretty quickly and is able to find his footing really fast. That's someone that I thought could be really interesting. Were other names that you feel like fit the reach and teach?

RICHARD STAYMAN: Yeah, there's one other name that I think I could see falling to the second round because he had a rough second half of the season and that's tie Tyty Washington. I think when you look at the context, it becomes clear why he fell in the second round before the injury.

He injured his ankle against Auburn. And actually, let me pull up these stats because you look at what he did before and it was really strong. He was very dynamic as a play maker, was creating for others, doing one dribble pull ups at a high level. And afterwards, he just fell off.

And I now found the stats. But before the injury it was 18 games. 14 points a game, 4 and 1/2 assists, on 50% shooting, 40% from 3. After the injury, it was an ankle injury that he came back too soon for, definitely cared a lot about winning in college basketball and honestly, he kind of got punished by it. After the injury, which was 12 games, 11 points per game down from 14. He went to 3 assists per game from 4 and 1/2 and the field goal percentage dropped from 50.5% to 36% and the 3 point percentage dropped from 40% to 29%.

So everything dropped across the board. I think he was never 100% after that and that's a big reason why. And teams are going to hold that against him.

AMITT MANN: That's a tricky one for a lot of these prospects is that every single moment counts. And you put yourself, you put your body on the line for your team, but then also at the same time as a prospect you're hurting your value as a NBA commodity.

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