Pothole protest slows traffic in Port aux Choix

Residents of Port aux Choix, on Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula, say the main road through their town is not fit to drive on because of potholes.

On Monday, they set up barricades to slow traffic and collect signatures on a petition calling on the provincial government to repair the road.

"Every two, three feet there's a pothole. They're at least six and seven inches deep," said protest organizer Jeannie Billard, who's also with the local hospitality development committee.

Billard told the Corner Brook Morning Show that 400 people had signed the petition as of Monday morning. Many of them had to drive over the 1.7-kilometre stetch to get to a regional hockey tournament in the town this past weekend.

"They were absolutely petrified because the holes were filled up with water. They couldn't see the potholes and they were banging the cars. There were three vehicles this week had to be towed out of the potholes," said Billard.

Billard said the main road is so bad, commercial traffic is starting to use a secondary entrance to the community and the town is worried that municipal road will deteriorate.

She said the pothole-plagued main road is not safe for school buses. In May, there will be a lot more traffic when the Ocean Choice International fish plant, with its 144 workers, re-opens.

According to Billard, the area's MHA has told them that the "squeaky wheel gets the grease."

"So this is what we're doing now. We're going to be noticed."