Pouring ‘crazy monsters,’ California brewery to open Meridian taproom. $45 beer? Buy it

Boise’s craft beer scene is about to get bigger — in more ways than one.

The Bruery, a boutique brewery from Placentia, California, is headed to Meridian. Known for massive-tasting, high-alcohol beers, The Bruery plans to open a taproom at 1184 S. Silverstone Way, suite 100. That’s at Eagle View Landing, home to Topgolf off Interstate 84.

The target opening date is August, CEO Barry Holmes said.

Describing itself as a “world-renowned craft brewery based in Orange County,” The Bruery was founded in 2008. Currently, its only tasting room is at its brewery headquarters in Placentia.

The Bruery plans to feature 36 taps pouring a variety of styles, drawing from its extensive barrel-aged, sour beer and lager programs, plus “fun and fresh IPAs” from its sister brewery, Offshoot Beer Co., according to a media release.

Google reviewers give the California tasting room 4.7 out of 5.0 stars.

“... The Bruery has the highest level of sophisticated, rich and invigorating flavors of stouts I have ever had,” one reviewer wrote.

“I love trying flights here,” added another. “The beers are very interesting but most of them are such crazy monsters that a sampler amount is just enough.”

The Bruery will add a taste of California boutique brewing to the Boise area. The Bruery/Instagram
The Bruery will add a taste of California boutique brewing to the Boise area. The Bruery/Instagram

Like Mother Earth Brew Co., a San Diego County brewery that expanded to the Treasure Valley in 2016, The Bruery sees plenty to like about the Boise area. It’s “growing quickly,” Holmes said, “and it attracts the adventurous types you’d like to have a beer with.”

“While our overall strategy is to expand the tasting room experience in our core markets,” he said, “this opportunity to bring The Bruery to a thriving area like Boise was too good to pass up.”

The Bruery operates on a smaller scale than Mother Earth, which has grown to become Idaho’s largest brewery. Holmes said it generates about 5,000 barrels annually, or 13,000 including Offshoot.

Some of The Bruery’s innovative beers command big-time prices. On The Bruery’s website, fans can purchase a 750-milliliter bottle of First Base for $45 plus shipping. That’s a bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout with popcorn, peanuts, dulce de leche, molasses, salt and vanilla beans clocking in at 14.7% alcohol by volume.

Other Bruery creations require a “Society” membership to buy. The Meridian tasting room will offer exclusive beers and events to Society members. Another perk? Members will be able to order beer online and pick it up at the tasting room, Holmes said, avoiding shipping costs.

Beer flights will be on the menu at the new tasting room. The Bruery/Instagram
Beer flights will be on the menu at the new tasting room. The Bruery/Instagram

Idaho’s tasting room will be about 2,000 square feet, with another 3,000 outdoors for a beer garden, he said — plenty of room for live music on the weekends. It won’t have a kitchen, but customers will be free to bring food from other restaurants.

This being Idaho, there will be one alcohol-related drawback. (Of course, right?) The Bruery won’t be able to sell its many beers that exceed 16% alcohol by volume. Those invade liquor territory, as defined by state law. Some of The Bruery’s biggest beasts sound amazing, too — such as the 19.4% ABV Big Blue Stacks, a double bourbon barrel-aged stout with blueberries and maple syrup. Other beers plow past 20% ABV.

Don’t worry, though. There will be lots of other interesting flavors to choose from on the brew menu.

“One of our major faults is we make a lot of beers,” Holmes said with a chuckle. “It’s maddening, but it’s great.”