Power drill corn, bottle flipping & rainbow bagels: what you might have missed in YouTube's rewind video

Amy Chyan

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, for fans of viral videos, that is.

YouTube just released its annual “Rewind” video paying homage to featuring top memes, trends and everything pop culture. Famous YouTubers make appearances, dancers show off the year’s hottest moves and a mashup of 2016’s most popular songs provides the soundtrack.

It’s a lot to take in. So here’s a guide to some of the things you might have missed while you bopped along to the video.

Tribute to David Bowie
We’ve lost a lot of celebrities this year and musician David Bowie was one of them. Bowie’s iconic lightening bolt makeup look from his “Aladdin Sane” album cover was cloned by a YouTuber.

Bottle flipping
The family friendly version of flip cup, with half filled water bottles instead of red Solo cups, has dominated school yards and recesses. Some teachers have even used the phenomenon to teach probability.

Eating corn off a power drill
Since eating corn with hands was too outdated for some, a viral video of a man devouring an ear of corn off a spinning power drill made the rounds and earned quick laughs. However, it wasn’t as funny for the long haired woman who lost a chunk of her locks or the man that ended up loosing teeth when trying the same schtick.

Rainbow bagels
First came regular bagels, then mini bagels, then scooped out bagels for the carb conscious glutton and then 2016 saw the dominance of rainbow bagels.

Pokemon GO
No millennial ever thought their favourite childhood Gameboy game would be revived in such a mobile way. The staggered release of the game has places like China still waiting.

Don’t be alarmed when people abruptly and politely sneeze into the crevice of their bent elbow without a sound. It’s called “dabbing,” a dance move that first appeared a handful of hip hop music videos and has infiltrated every wedding dance floor since then.

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics
The nod to Rio 2016 may not be very clear to viewers watching as YouTube personalities run a race wearing sweatbands and track jackets, instead of following the athleisure wear trend that beauty gurus on YouTube have hauled over and over.