Prairie Rose Public Schools sees decrease in enrolment

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Prairie Rose Public Schools has seen a decrease in enrolment of about 13.3 'Full Time Equivalent for Students' last year. Original projections had been around 3028, with actual numbers coming in at 3041.3 for the 2020–2021 school year. The decimal accounts for students that may do only part of their learning in school, said Secretary Treasurer Ryan Boser.

This trend continued this year. As of Sept. 29, the division has again seen a decrease in enrolment, from the projected 3,028.0 FTE to 2,961.5, a difference of 66.5.

“As a system, we are seeing a decrease in our enrolment of 66.5 fp compared to what we projected. Those projections are what I sent off to Alberta education back in December of 2020. When they asked for these now they asked for them earlier than they used to, because it's part of the budget preparation that comes out in February of each year for the following year,” said Boser. “And so the 3028, again, is what I submitted to Alberta education as an estimate of what our enrolment is going to be for this year, our actual came in at 2,961.5.”

The decreases are most clearly seen in Burdett School with a decrease of 40.5, Foremost School with a decrease of 15.0, and Ralston School with a decrease of 19.0.

“So what does this mean from a financial perspective, because of the new funding model and the weighted moving average, we're actually only hurt from the decrease in enrolment by 50% of what the grants are. So the way that the weighted moving average works is it weights your funding formula based off of not only the current year that you're going into, but the previous two years to that as well. And so since the year that we're going into is only worth 50% weight. That means that when we figure out what the financial impact of it is, when we multiply it by the grants, we actually only get impacted based off of 50% of those grants. And so at Prairie Rose, we use approximately $8,500 as a per student grant for instruction. And so when we multiply that by 50%, and then by this enrolment decrease, we're going to see approximately $282,000 less of revenue than what was in our budget. Those have already been offset from our perspective, without having to make big staffing decisions or changes in our schools.”

Anna Smith, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Prairie Post East

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