Precious Achiuwa’s energy and commitment a difference-maker for Raptors

Precious Achiuwa was at his best, scrappiest self as the Raptors carved out a win over the Bucks. He spoke post-game about his impact on the court, what he’s learned from this team, and things the scoresheet doesn’t necessarily show.

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Video Transcript


- Hi, Precious. Thanks for joining us. We'll start with Cedric.

- So sorry. I did not have a question. Sorry about that.

- Oh, OK. We'll start with Aaron Rose.

- Sorry, Precious. What are those all-big lineups like for you when Fred's off the court?

PRECIOUS ACHIUWA: I think it's more for good defensive purposes, where we have [INAUDIBLE] such ability to be able to switch one through five. Now it's about the same size, about the same wingspan, whatever the case may be, and we're just being able to like-- So it's all about pick and roll, dribble, handoff, whatever case may be, and just find out the offense and scramble, run around, get rebounds.

- Thanks, Precious.


- Next we'll go to Doug.

- Hey, Precious, thanks for stopping by. Nick was saying a couple of minutes ago that he thinks you're always going to impact games, because you're big and quick and strong, and play with energy. How good does that make you feel, knowing that he has that kind of confidence that you're going to do something out there that helps the team?

PRECIOUS ACHIUWA: I think that's good, just understanding that I know that too. I'll be able to impact games, especially on the defensive side, no matter what the offense looks like. On the defensive side, being able to switch ability, like I said earlier. Rebounding, giving the team extra possessions, and doing all the little things that eventually everything else is going to follow through.

- Great, thanks so much. Safe trip back.


- And next we'll go to Ryan.

- Hey, Precious. I'm just wondering if, with this team finally healthy, is it kind of taking you back to maybe when you got traded to the Raptors, and thinking about what this team might be able to do?

PRECIOUS ACHIUWA: No, I think we understand what we're capable of doing fully healthy. I think we know we could cause a lot of problems, especially on defense [INAUDIBLE] play with a lot of energy. We would scrap a lot with [INAUDIBLE] people. We'd just show people different types of defensive coverages, and that's one of our biggest strengths. And then our offense, we just run. Get out, run, play [INAUDIBLE] and just play based on what the defense gives us.

- Great, thanks.

- Thanks, Precious, that's all the questions we have for you.

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