'The Predator' doesn't hold back in funny, ferocious (and R-rated) final trailer

The Predator’s marketing campaign got off to a rocky start, thanks to a teaser that failed to ignite much excitement, and an initial full-length trailer that didn’t improve much on its predecessor. But the third time’s the charm for the upcoming sequel/reboot of the action franchise initiated by Arnold Schwarzenegger way back in 1987, with the film’s final red-band promo featuring over-the-top gory action and R-rated humor fans have been craving.

The above clip is the first time The Predator has felt like an honest-to-goodness Shane Black effort, replete with the sort of quippy macho humor that’s long been the trademark of the Lethal Weapon and The Nice Guys filmmaker. While the so-called “final trailer” certainly provides the clearest idea yet of the plot — which concerns a hunt for the alien killers by a team of military misfits led by Boyd Holbrook’s troublemaking protagonist, who has had a prior run-in with the creatures — the most notable thing about this latest look is that it’s full of men cracking wise while dealing with their distinctly out-of-this-world circumstances. Not to mention that it features some serious gruesomeness as well, thus confirming that Black hasn’t gone soft in bringing the iconic monster (including a titanic 11-foot “supra-badass” version) back to the big-screen.

With a great cast that also includes Sterling K. Brown (seen delivering most of the above trailer’s best lines), Olivia Munn, Keegan-Michael Key, Trevante Rhodes, Thomas Jane, and Jacob Tremblay, The Predator storms into theaters two weeks from today, on Sep. 14.

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