'Predatory' southern Alberta man who raped 5 teens deemed dangerous offender, given indefinite sentence

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A predatory sexual offender who lures his victims using social media and has raped five teenage girls in southern Alberta since 2003 has been designated a dangerous offender and handed an indefinite sentence.

In Lethbridge on Thursday, Court of Queen's Bench Justice Johnna Kubik agreed with prosecutors Donna Spaner and Sarah Goard-Baker, saying Trevor Pritchard "poses a present threat of future harm to adolescent females." She ruled the 35-year-old is a dangerous offender (DO) who must serve an indeterminate sentence.

Pritchard, who is from the southwestern Alberta community of Coaldale, targeted girls between the ages of 13 and 15, behaviour that Kubik described as "persistent, calculated," "predatory" and "aggressive."

Kubik found Pritchard targeted girls whose "fractured family lives, financial need, low self-esteem and need for belonging and love" made them particularly vulnerable.

All of his victims reported severe psychological damage and many self harm through cutting, attempting suicide and developing drug and alcohol addictions.

In 2009, Pritchard admitted he'd raped a 13-year-old who was discovered in a park covered in vomit and urine after she'd been attacked.

The next year, Pritchard attacked another 13-year-old and gave her a sexually transmitted disease.

In 2018 and 2019, Pritchard was convicted on new counts of sexual assault and luring, having targeted the girls on social media.

In one case, he promised to take a 15-year-old to a job interview but instead drove her to his home where he raped her. Then he threatened to kill her.

Victim blaming

Following the latest convictions, defence lawyer Andre Ouellette argued against the DO designation and asked that a fixed sentence of eight to nine years be imposed.

Pritchard has participated in several sex offender programs during his various stints in jail but none have been successful.

Probation officers and psychiatrists testified that Pritchard feels he is a victim of injustice and has failed to accept responsibility for his crimes.

He has been ruled a high risk to reoffend.

Pritchard blames his victims and has not displayed displayed remorse or empathy, noted the judge, who also found he is unable to control his sexual urges.

All of the victims' identities are protected by a publication ban.