Pregnant woman beaten and thrown out of house

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A Sarnia woman is promising to address her long-standing alcohol addiction after yet another incident that took place under the influence.

Beverly Dykstra, 44, is no stranger to Sarnia Court. She brings a criminal record which even her own counsel described as “horrific.”

“Each and every time it’s an incident where alcohol is involved, as is the case yet again here,” says Defence Lawyer Terry Brandon.

Dysktra was already on two separate probation orders the morning of June 5 last year when a Sarnia police officer was alerted to her house by a woman crying for help outside. The woman was found cut and bloodied, but most concerningly was with child.

The woman told the officer she was Dysktra’s friend and spent the night at her East St. house drinking and smoking marijuana. But things took a turn when Dykstra accused the woman of breaking items. Dykstra attacked her and forcibly threw her out of the house.

“Your record is concerning, and it’s concerning that not only are you struggling with an addiction issue, but that when under the influence you are committing criminal offences and acting out in a violent manner,” says Justice Krista Leszczynski, who issued the previous probation orders for Dykstra.

“But I appreciate, as was pointed out by your probation officer, that you are engaged in actively addressing that issue, and ought to be given credit for that,” says Leszczynski.

Dysktra has been taking regular counselling for anger management and domestic violence since the assault. Brandon says this was the motivation to suggest a time served resolution.

“The taking of responsibility, the guilty plea, the totality of the context, the positive engagement with probation, that encouraged the Crown and I to present to you a non-custodial disposition,” says Brandon. “But for that state of affairs, frankly the record would have seen Ms. Dykstra facing real jail.”

Dykstra spent one day in pre-sentence custody, which Leszczynski agreed would cover the crime.

“Ms. Dykstra fully appreciates that reality from the many conversations she’s had with me,” Brandon says of her client’s avoidance of more jail. “She seems to be taking her situation in life seriously.”

In addition to the time served, Dysktra will be on probation for 12 months, cannot contact or go near the woman she attacked, and receives a five year weapons ban.

Alex Kurial, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent