Prehistoric-looking woodpecker is a magnificent backyard sight

Pileated woodpeckers are giants in the woodpecker world. The largest woodpecker species in North America, it commands respect when it shows up at the back yard feeders. With their large claws and solid heads, they are often compared with prehistoric birds. This majestic fellow has been coming to the back yard of this Ontario home to feed on the suet and drink from the pond. With few water sources in the area, the habitat created by these nature enthusiasts provides the local birds with much needed water for hydration. The suet and seed stations are an added bonus. While he's in the neighbourhood, this large male likes to peck at some of the dead trees and the stumps around the campfire. pileated woodpeckers are powerful birds that can deduce a decaying log to fragments very quickly. They prey on the insects that make their homes in sick or dead trees. They are also fond of suet cakes with grubs in them. Bird lovers adore these huge animals. They have gorgeous colouring and their impressive size inspires awe and wonder. Even the sound of their beak striking a tree is impressive. Pileated woodpeckers are territorial and a mating pair will often be the only ones in the area. Their nests are created by drilling out the trunk of an upright tree to create a space for their eggs. As they abandon their nest when their young fledge, the cavity will often become a home for other birds, such as owls. Pilleated woodpeckers are a spectacular sight!

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