Preliminary hearing for Greg Fertuck murder charge begins Monday

A preliminary hearing for Greg Fertuck, who is accused of killing his estranged wife Sheree Fertuck, is being held in Saskatoon to determine if the Crown has enough evidence to take the case to trial. 

"I think family as a whole is happy that we have kind of gotten to this spot and they are actually proceeding with preliminary hearings," said Sheree Fertuck's sister Teaka White before the hearing, which begins Monday. 

"[A] long time coming, we've waited four years."

Greg Fertuck was charged with first-degree murder and causing an indignity to a body in June, 2019. He told CBC in an interview in July, 2019, he is innocent. He said he loved his wife and would never have hurt her. 

The charges against Fertuck followed an elaborate RCMP investigation using a controversial undercover technique known as a Mr. Big sting. 

Sheree Fertuck has been missing since her semi-truck was found abandoned in a gravel pit near Kenaston, Saskatchewan, on Dec. 7, 2015. She was 51 at the time, and her body has not been found. The case is the focus of CBC investigative podcast The Pit.

The purpose of the hearing beginning Monday, which is part of the court process, is to decide if prosecutors have sufficient evidence to continue to trial. The judge can dismiss the charges if they feel the evidence is insufficient.

Submitted by Teaka White

Over a number of days the Crown will present evidence crucial to its case, however that information is likely to be under publication ban and not able to be reported publicly.

White said she wants to know more about how the RCMP investigated Fertuck. 

"[I'm] curious to know how the whole Mr. Big operation went down and all of that, that's going to be an interesting part of the trial," said White. 

"Kudos to these people doing this, you know, the time and effort that they put into an investigation like this for one person." 

The hearing begins Monday and continues throughout the week.