Premier creates associate deputy minister positions

The Government of Nunavut has created new positions to increase Inuit representation in executive ranks.

Every GN department and agency can hire an associate deputy minister, Premier P.J. Akeeagok announced Monday at the legislative assembly.

“The new role is structured to enable qualified Nunavut Inuit to assume senior level responsibilities over time,” Akeeagok said.

The associate will shadow and report to the deputy minister for up to three years.

The GN’s previous cabinet announced a target of employing 55 per cent Inuit in the government’s senior positions by 2023, up 43 per cent from when the target was set in March 2020.

The goal was set to guide the GN in meeting its obligations under the land claims agreement to have GN Inuit employment reflect the amount of Inuit living in the territory.

“I look forward to seeing more departments introduce associate deputy ministers to be the future leaders of our public service,” Akeeagok said.

David Venn, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Nunatsiaq News