Premier League news – live: Clubs aim to complete season amid coronavirus crisis as £20m donated to NHS

Alex Pattle
Support to void the Premier League season is growing as the reality sets in of the difficulties ahead: EPA

A Premier League meeting on Friday resulted in the indefinite suspension of the English top flight.

A statement read that the league would not resume at the start of May as previously planned, while a proposal of 30 per cent pay cuts for Premier League players was made.

The Premier League also said it would financially support lower leagues in the country, while immediately sending a £20 million donation to the NHS. Follow the latest updates below.

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On Thursday, Belgium’s top league cancelled the remainder of their season, with Club Brugge awarded the title.

Brugge had a 15-point lead ahead of the season-ending play-offs. Decisions are yet to be made about relegation places and European spots.

Now, the Dutch top-flight is also facing pressure from teams, who want the campaign to be scrapped.