Premier rules out selling all of SaskTel

SaskTel blames 'processing error' for homeowner's distress

Saskatchewan's premier says he does not need a referendum to know what voters think of selling SaskTel.

Brad Wall said in the past year, since the idea has been discussed in earnest in the wake of a takeover bid for Manitoba's telephone company, he has heard from Saskatchewan people.

"I just have the clearest sense from voters, similar to in the middle of election campaigns in the past, and they're not interested," Wall said.

"They're not interested in a referendum; they're not interested in the potential sale of SaskTel."

But Wall said he has not ruled out "partnering" with another company by selling shares in SaskTel.

His government has introduced a bill to clarify that selling up to 49 per cent of a company is not "privatization."

Opposition leader Trent Wotherspoon said Wall only has the public's sentiment half right. 

"He has clearly understood that he would not be able to win a referendum on this front and so now he's going forward in a deceitful way to sell off potentially up to half of any one of our Crown corporations, including SaskTel," said Wotherspoon.

The NDP says it will continue to fight the legislation to clarify the definition of privatization.