How to prepare delicious tartlets stuffed with zucchini

Learn how to make this delicious treat in no time! Ingredients: Tartlets-20 pieces Prawn tails 150g. Onion-300gr. Sweet pepper-300g. Tomatoes-300gr. Zucchini-300gr. Salt to taste. Olive oil for frying. 1.Cut all vegetables into small cubes. 2.Heat the pan, pour olive oil and fry over medium heat. 3.Add the onion and bell pepper and fry until tender. 4.Place the zucchini, clean the tomatoes from the skin and add tomatoes. 5.Salt to taste. 6.Fry until cooked zucchini. 7.Put shrimp tails, fry 5-7 minutes. 8. Let cool and fill the tartlets.