Prepare for detours: Many New Brunswick roads closed by flooding

Prepare for detours: Many New Brunswick roads closed by flooding

Road closures are piling up as water levels continue to rise along the St. John River and some other waterways this week.

Meredith Gilbert, manager of transit and p;arking for the City of Fredericton, is encouraging more people to use public transit.

Park-and-ride services have been set up at the Regent Mall, Grant-Harvey Centre, Willie O'Ree Place and Brookside Mall.

The service offers a place to park and use the city's regular bus service. Parking is free and the bus costs $2.75 per trip.

People who have city issued-hang tags for downtown parking can use their hang tags to ride the bus.

The bus runs every half-hour during peak times and every hour throughout the day.

Gilbert is also encouraging people to walk, bike, carpool, arrive at work earlier or leave later to reduce the amount of traffic on city streets.

"We're expecting heavy impacts from a traffic standpoint," she said.

Road closures in Fredericton  

Here's a list of roads that are closed or partially closed because of flooding. 

  • River Street
  • Burpee Street
  • Cityview Avenue
  • Lincoln Road
  • Riverside Drive
  • Alderwood Drive
  • Timber Lane
  • Hazelwood Drive
  • Hossack Street
  • McMinniman Court
  • Beaverbrook Street
  • Waterloo Row
  • Alexandra Street
  • University Avenue
  • Brunswick Street
  • River Street
  • Devonshire Drive
  • Offices' Square lot
  • Brunswick Street Garage 
  • Upper Queen Street lot
  • St. Anne's Point Boulevard
  • Hamilton Court
  • Sumac Street
  • Colwell Drive
  • Bourque Lane
  • McFadzen Lane
  • Regan Street
  • Hachey Avenue
  • Corbett Avenue
  • Watters Drive
  • Riverside Drive
  • Winslow Street
  • King Street
  • Queen Street
  • Saint John Street
  • Barker Street
  • Station Road
  • Union Street
  • Carman Avenue
  • Colwell Drive
  • Hossack Street
  • Jarvis Street

District 5 - Fredericton area

  • Craft Cove Road
  • Newcastle Centre Road
  • Pondstream Road off of Route 690
  • Fish Hatchery Road
  • Duplissea Road
  • Waasis Farm Road
  • Ferry Road in Jemseg
  • Merritt Smith Road in French Lake
  • Smith Road
  • Rusagonis Road
  • Tripp Settlement Road from Route 105
  • Kenneth Road between the West Glassville Road and the West Cross Road in Kenneth
  • Dorrington Hill Road, at the intersection of Johnson Settlement Road to Route 630

District 6 - Edmundston 

  • Back Lake Road
  • Tinker Road

District 2 - Miramichi 

  • Back Road
  • South Barnaby River Road

District 3 - Moncton

  • Steeves and Bannister Road
  • Stevenson Road
  • Girouardville Road
  • Saint-Maurice Road

District 1 - Bathurst 

  • Mathilda Road
  • Wyers Brook Road

District 4 - Saint John 

  • Sunset Valley Road
  • Norton Shore Road from the Ketchum Road to the Perry Point Road, Kingston Corner.
  • McKenzie Road
  • Milkish Creek Road
  • Elms Road
  • Darlings Island Road
  • Browns Cove Road
  • West Tenants Cove Road
  • Ganong Road
  • Beulah Camp Road
  • Route 860 from the intersection of Route 860 at Lakeside Road to Stock Farm Road