Prepare for a wet spring in south Sask., says Water Security Agency

Much could change between now and then, but Saskatchewan's Water Security Agency is predicting that it could be a very wet spring for southern regions of the province.

The agency's annual report on conditions at the beginning of winter says, "the Souris River basin, including the Antler River and Gainsborough Creek basins, were particularly wet at freeze-up."

This is an early assessment, subject to change depending on weather conditions, the report says. The agency's prediction is based on a forecast calling for normal amounts of snowfall and milder than normal temperatures for the first three months of winter.

"This initial assessment does not mean there will be flooding in southern Saskatchewan next year," the report says.

Ian Black/CBC

It's not wet everywhere

The report also outlines normal levels of precipitation in the north and pockets of drier than normal freeze-up conditions around Kindersley, the area between Saskatoon and Prince Albert and an area northeast of Yorkton extending to the Manitoba border.

This annual report helps the Water Security Agency and communities across Saskatchewan begin planning for spring. The agency will update its spring predictions early next year when it is able to include data about the snow-pack.