Who is primed for a legendary fantasy performance in Week 12?

Yahoo Fantasy analysts Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don explain why Terry McLaurin, Michael Pittman, Jeff Wilson Jr. and Miles Sanders may deliver an epic fantasy performance in week 12.

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MATT HARMON: It's time to see who we think will be Fantasy legends for week 12, presented by the all new 2023 Toyota Sequoia. Each week, we're picking a handful of players who are matchup proof and ready to deliver an epic Fantasy performance. Dalton, let's get it started with your guy this week.

DALTON DEL DON: Let's go with Terry McLaurin against the Falcons. His target rate has jumped from 16% with Carson Wentz to 32% with Taylor Heinicke. That's double the amount. He's coming off a couple of not ideal matchups, one in Philly. And last week, the team just simply didn't have to pass much versus Houston. But the volume has mostly been there.

And this week, Washington gets a Falcons defense that's last in pressure rate. The Falcons have four quarterback hurries this season, Harmon. The New England Patriots have more than 50. Wild stuff there. They're also allowing the second most Fantasy points to wide receivers. Atlanta also may be forced to throw more than usual against Washington's elite run defense.

So this game could be higher scoring than the total suggests. Scary Terry is due for a blow up game. His quarterback loves him. And the matchup this week is a good one for him to deliver an epic Fantasy performance.

MATT HARMON: Hey, listen. You don't need to come on here and convince me about Terry McLaurin. You know I'm 100% on board with that one. I'll talk about another one of my guys here. Michael Pittman I think is in for a big week here in week 12, 29% target share since week 8. But he's gone just 23 catches for 203 yards. Like, the big plays haven't really been there for Michael Pittman.

But he does have nine targets, seven targets in these last two games with Matt Ryan in the Jeff Saturday era. He actually had his first game over 9-- over 10 yards per catch last week in week 11 since week 6. Like, again, the big plays just haven't been there for Michael Pittman.

But I think this is a pretty good spot to get back on board and see a couple of big plays against the Steelers defense that-- you called it last week-- let up a big game to Tee Higgins. Just overall, I think this is a really good spot for Michael Pittman. I think you can count on him for a really rock solid wide receiver two floor with potentially a wide receiver one ceiling here in week 12.

DALTON DEL DON: Like that call. My next one is Jeff Wilson, Jr. versus the Texans. He's taken over as Miami's lead back. Before the buy in week 10, Wilson saw a 61% snap share compared to just 28% for Raheem Mostert.

Mostert, by the way, missed practice early this week. Wilson has seen a stacked box-- his stacked box rate drop dramatically since joining Miami. You simply can't have eight defenders in there when Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle are also on the field.

This week, the Dolphins get a Texans defense, allowing the most Fantasy points to running backs this season, the most rushing yards, the most touchdowns to the position. Wilson's getting 6.5 yards per carry with the Dolphins. Can play on passing downs and in short yardage work. He's the leader in the backfield in a true smash spot with Miami, double digit home favorites. Expect an epic Fantasy performance from Wilson this week.

MATT HARMON: Dalton, I feel like we have some running back versus the Texans every single week here in this segment. So that's a great one from you. I love Jeff Wilson this week. Also really like Miles Sanders this week. You know, it's been two kinda slow games back to back for Miles Sanders.

But you mentioned it earlier. Week 10, he went against Washington's run defense and has emerged as one of the best in the NFL. The Colts also that he went against last week-- another defense that's pretty rock solid against the run, a little more vulnerable against the pass are the Indianapolis Colts. So really, I think week 12 against the Green Bay Packers, great bounceback spot for Miles Sanders, who, you know, it's just about getting the big plays and the touchdowns with him.

In week 8 against the Steelers, a long run of 21 yards, he got a touchdown in that game. The Texans-- again, we just talked about picking on the Texans. That's a good thing to do. 25 long run and a touchdown there. I think we could see something like that against the Packers defense.

But still bottom five in the league in EPA pass rush allowed, in rushing success rate allowed. This is definitely a defense you can run on. They didn't let up the big, big plays, Derrick Henry, last time we saw this Green Bay Packers defense. But I think this Eagles team can potentially give them some problems in an exploitable spot.

All right, Dalton. Appreciate it, man. Those are great picks. The all new 2023 Toyota Sequoia inspires drivers to live legendary. Check out the fully redesigned SUV at your local dealer or learn more at Toyota.com.