Primetime Props: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Yahoo Betting Analyst Minty Bets joins Fantasy Football Live to offer a pair of player propositions as the Chargers host the Chiefs in week 11.

Video Transcript

- Ah yes, we've got a couple of really fun, really good divisional primetime games coming up here on this week 11 slate, so who better than Minty Bets to come in here? And maybe she's going to take some overs this week, because these are two pretty fun looking games on paper, Minty. So let's not have you come in here and spoil the fun. Let's get it started with Sunday night. I know you've got a prop for one of the quarterbacks in this game.

MINTY BETS: Yes, indeed, and you know what, guys? I do have an announcement. I'm going to try my best not to take any unders for these segments, because it did not do me well, two weeks ago, when I came on the show.

- OK, OK, OK.

- Let's go.

MINTY BETS: All right, first prop we got is going to be Justin Herbert, over 276 and one half passing yards. Now, Justin Herbert has done typically really well against Kansas City. I wanted to take him over one and a half passing touchdowns, but it was a little too juice. So I'm going to settle with this. He's gone over this total in all but one game against the Chiefs since entering the league, and this Chiefs defense, they're allowing almost 67% pass completion and the eighth most passing yards. So this should be a really easy over here.

- Yeah, you know, I mentioned to Austin [? E, ?] this week, on [? E ?] Edge that Justin Herbert has gone under six yards per attempt in four straight games, mostly, because he's just throwing to him all the time though. And Austin's like, yeah, let's get these wide receivers back. So hopefully, Minty, this all happens here with these wide receivers coming back.

Speaking of wide receivers, you do have a prop for-- you know, Minty, this is why I like you. The Chiefs, they've got all these wide receiver injuries. All the cool kids are talking about Kadarius Toney, but that's not who you're taking the over on in this game.

MINTY BETS: No, that is not. I'm taking you over three and a half receptions for MVS. Now, the Chargers defense, they're allowing an average of almost 12 catches per game to receivers. MVS hasn't gone over this total since week five, but this should be a really high scoring game, like I mentioned earlier. And Mahomes should spread the ball around a little more, so I like the plus money you're getting, plus 115 for four or more catches for Marquez Valdes-Scantling.