Private condominium road to be named ‘Winters Way’

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Shelburne Town Council has approved a street name for a new condominium from Scone Development.

During their meeting on Monday (Nov. 8), council received two options, ‘Winters Way’ and ‘Bennett Blvd’, from the Heritage Committee to be considered as the street name for the new development located at the west end of town.

According to the resolution from the Heritage Committee, ‘Winters Way’ is an ode to William Winters, who served a total of 34 years (1880-1914) with the Canadian Pacific Railway locally. Winters retired in 1914 at the age of 66 and passed way in 1928.

The resolution noted the name “Bennet Blvd” as being after Harry Bennett, who succeeded Winters as section boss in 1914 and served a total of 34 years with the Canadian Pacific Railway before retiring in 1941 and passing away 13 years later in 1954.

Coun. Lynda Buffet, who sits on the Heritage Committee, said both individuals warranted a street naming.

“The decision to make tonight is one or the other for that particular street, but I would suggest that we use the other alternative name for another future street near that area or somewhere around there in the next new developments that come into play,” said Buffett.

Coun. Walter Benotto questioned the possibility of including both names for the street, as both Winters and Bennett worked the same amount of years for the railway.

“I think we’re much better off to just utilize one now. We do have areas that are going to go to the west side of the tracks in the distant years out, which I think give us ample opportunity to reutilize the second name,” said Coun. Shane Hall. “If you try to combine the two it’s too wordy, too much and maybe diminishes one if not both.”

Following the discussion, council agreed unanimously in favour of the street name being called ‘Winters Way’.

“He was the first, it makes sense we named the first street out of the gate after him,” said Mayor Wade Mills.

The new development is drafted to include six residential blocks for a total of 33 townhouse units, and a block for future development at the corner of Main and Gordon Street.

Paula Brown, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Shelburne Free Press

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