Priyanka Chopra Jonas on her disgusting eggs and beer hair regimen: ‘It stinks to high heaven’

Interesting at-home hair treatments were the topic of conversation on Late Night With Seth Meyers Thursday, where actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas broke down a method used by her mother and her mother's friends when she was a kid that involved beer and eggs.

Meyers asked the Matrix Resurrections star to explain what it is and where she learned it from, and Chopra Jonas was happy to share.

"Apparently, beer and eggs, which my mom used to do when I was growing up in her hair, and she'd leave it as a conditioner," Chopra Jonas said. "And apparently it's really good for you. It helps with hair growth. And it stinks to high heaven, but when she shampoos it, it's alright."

Chopra Jonas said that her mother claimed it was a common tradition in India, where she was born, and she saw her mother's friends putting it in their hair as well.

As the winner of the Miss World 2000 pageant and someone who clearly knows a thing or two about beauty, Meyers was willing to explore the odd concoction a bit further, asking Chopra Jonas how it's put together. She said the "not so complicated" process involves just mixing the eggs, pouring the beer in, and then trying not to get it everywhere while applying it. But that didn’t stop the host from suggesting that she was "pranking" him.

"Google it!" Chopra Jonas said. "I promise you, Google it."

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