Priyanka Chopra Just Shared a Rare Video of Daughter Malti Marie From a Family Trip to India


Like many noncelebrity parents, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas use Instagram as a means to document sweet moments and milestones from their child’s life.

About a month after Jonas shared a series of photos from two-year-old Malti Marie’s Elmo-themed birthday party, it was Chopra’s turn to highlight their stunning family on the grid. Earlier this week Chopra shared a rare video, as well as a series of photos, from the family’s latest trip to India. “Blessings for the little one and the family,” she captioned the dump. They were joined by Chopra’s mom, Madhu.

In the photos Chopra is dressed in a yellow sari while baby Malti Marie looks adorable in a peachy pink outfit, complete with a matching head wrap. In the final slide the group can be seen visiting the Hindu temple Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. “Can you say Ayodhya?” Chopra asks her little one, who immediately attempts to mimic her mama in the clip.

This comes nearly a year after Malti Marie’s first trip to India in April 2023. During that visit, Chopra brought her daughter to the Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai. “MM’s first trip to India had to be completed with Shree Siddhivinayak’s blessings,” Chopra captioned the photos at the time.

While both parents clearly enjoy sharing these moments with their daughter, video clips of Malti Marie are much less common on their feeds. For a long time Priyanka Chopra made the conscious decision to keep the baby’s face off of social media entirely, waiting until the little girl was 13 months old. “I’ve been really protective of this chapter of my life with my daughter,” Chopra told British Vogue in January 2023. “Because it’s not about my life only. It’s hers too.”

In the same interview Chopra revealed that motherhood gave her a “sense of calm” and purpose. “It’s been 20 years of hustling and working at breakneck speed. I’ve always been like, ‘What’s the next thing?’” the actor said. “But now I feel I have a center, a sense of calm, because every decision ends up being about her.”

Originally Appeared on Glamour