Pro-Palestine Protest to Take Place at Sundance on Sunday

A pro-Palestine protest will be held in Park City, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday, according to organizers. The event, which is not affiliated with the festival, will take place at noon at Kimball Junction Station, the downtown transit hub.

“The Palestinian people continue to use art as a form of resistance against their occupation by Israel,” a post from the Instagram account Palestinian Solidarity reads. “We are inviting you to gather with us for a peaceful protest at the Sundance Film Festival, one of the largest indie film festivals in the world, that showcases documentaries and films that break barriers. While bombs are dropping, the people cannot continue watching films on their screens while ignoring a genocide in Gaza.”

The post continues, “Amidst the intentional silence of our media outlets regarding the ongoing genocide in Gaza, they withhold the stark realities from public view. Despite the global outcry for a cease-fire, the refuse to show our unity. On January 21, 2024, we will defy this silence, standing in solidarity with Palestine in Park City, Utah.”

The war, which began with the devastating surprise attack on Israel by Hamas on Oct. 7, has provoked divided reactions in Hollywood. The WGA West came under fire in October for declining to release a statement condemning Hamas, while the WGA East released a statement denouncing antisemitism and Islamophobia but declining to specifically name Hamas.

Susan Sarandon was dropped by her agency UTA in November for her remarks at a pro-Palestine rally, and actress Melissa Barrera was fired from the upcoming “Scream VII” over social posts and text messages that stakeholders felt crossed the line into antisemitism.

Sunday will also see the Jewish advocacy group Jew in the City hosting a panel at Sundance on Jewish representation which aims to debunk “deadly tropes about Jews and Israel in TV, film and media.”

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