Pro-Trump model gets ousted on 'America's Next Top Model'

On America's Next Top Model, it was Pride Week in West Hollywood, but one model was feeling a bit like a fish out of water.

The first competition was held at gay bar in West Hollywood, where Liberty Netuschil, who previously stated during casting week, "I am, um, actually pro-Trump. Because of his empire, I believe that he's really going to bring in some career opportunities," shared that she didn't know how to act during the first competition. And fellow model, Kyla, was not feeling very Pro-Liberty. "Liberty has said she's pro-trump, but just being part of Pride Week, it goes completely against Donald Trump's views," stated Kyla. "So, if she were to win this then I'm gonna be pissed because it's embarrassing, it really is."

Later, back at the house, the two got into a heated argument over the topic of gender inequality, when Liberty asked Kyla, "Like, in general, you want the equality of men and women in the sense of everything?" And when Kyla told Liberty that that is exactly what feminism is, Liberty said that she genuinely feels she would not want to be treated the same as men. "Being a feminist, that's something I don't agree with because I do believe in a lot of things that Republicans talk about, and what they're representing," shared Kyla. She continued, "I'm probably gonna be doing more research and figuring out more and more about how I can speak up about the beauty in being a Republican."

Liberty ultimately stated that she is very different than a man, so to be treated as one is something that she doesn't agree with, which made it even more awkward when Liberty and Kyla were the two facing elimination.

In the end, it was Kyla who was saved when Tyra Banks said goodbye to Lady Liberty. However, Liberty kept it optimistic when she concluded, "Moving into a house with such a diverse group of girls was the hardest part about this whole competition. But, because I am Republican, coming from a small area and having big aspirations, I think that I have a good voice for my generation."