Process for legal weed production and processing in Kahnawake officially underway

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Legal cannabis is officially coming to Kahnawake.

As of Monday, anyone interested in applying for a permit to cultivate and process cannabis plants can do so through a fairly stringent application process similar to the one used by Health Canada, said the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Chief responsible for the dossier said late Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s still a drug and it’s still a controlled substance, so it’s a thorough vetting process,” MCK Chief Tonya Perron said. “The forms – we call them schedules – require quite a bit of information. Information on the applicant, information on the type of business and still some more information after that. If they’ve done, or are doing, a similar process with Health Canada, they’re really just duplicating information.”

Perron said the official release of the Kahnawake Cannabis Control Law took some time but will allow for those in the community interested in the business to get started.

“After two and half years, all of our work has come to fruition,” she said. “It has been a very long road to get here, and I would like to thank the community for its patience. There is still work to be done for the full implementation of the Cannabis Control Law, but with the enactment of these particular regulations, those interested in the industry can now look forward to the opportunities it presents.”

Perron added she was glad to have worked on something whose benefits will be felt by the community for years.

“The community can rest assured that the industry will be carried out in a safe and secure manner and that the economic benefits, spin-off industries, and employment opportunities it presents will benefit all Kahnawa’kehró:non,” she said.

Anyone interested in beginning the application process can do so by e-mailing or calling 450-632-6201.

Perron said the website should be set up shortly, but for now, those are the only ways to begin the process.

The regulations concerning Dispensaries and Dispensary Licenses (retail) will be enacted at a later date.

Additionally, the moratorium on the production, distribution and sale of cannabis within the community will be partially lifted in relation to cultivation and processing only, for the present time, under license by the Kahnawake Cannabis Control Board. The moratorium in relation to retail sale and distribution remains in effect, with the exception of lawful import and export of cannabis for the sole purposes of processing.

Perron added work continues on the process for application for dispensary licenses and expected to “soon” have an idea of when that process will become reality.

To consult the Kahnawake Cannabis Control Law, visit the Community Decision Making Process (CDMP) website at

Marc Lalonde, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Iori:wase

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