Producers Just Weighed in on Those 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' Cancellation Rumors Following Staff Allegations

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Photo credit: Randy Holmes - Getty Images
Photo credit: Randy Holmes - Getty Images

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  • Ellen DeGeneres has been accused of treating her staff poorly, and now people are wondering if her show will be canceled.

  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show has seen a 14 percent drop in ratings after the allegations came to light.

After Ellen's employees became “distressed and outraged over their treatment from top producers amid the coronavirus pandemic” — and her own bodyguard called her "dehumanizing" and she compared her mansion to a prison during the pandemic — public opinion of Ellen seems to have shifted. It's gotten to the point that there are rumors claiming The Ellen DeGeneres Show could be canceled altogether, according to The Sun.

Part of it has to do with Ellen's show not pulling in the numbers it usually does. TVNewsCheck reports that The Ellen DeGeneres Show's 17th season ratings fell a whopping 14 percent, giving it an ultra low rating of 1.2 and placing behind Dr. Phil. And yes, the allegations of Ellen being rude to her staff members could have a direct correlation with the drop in viewership, but that doesn't mean Ellen's planning to fold anytime soon.

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The New York Post reached out to Ellen's production company to see if the cancellation rumors are valid, and a representative said quite the opposite — “Telepictures can confirm it’s untrue,” they said. So, there's that.

And how Ellen is feeling about this, you ask? Well, sources say she's high-key spiraling now that people are coming forward with reports about her alleged dark side. She's reportedly “at the end of her rope,” according to an Us Weekly source, with their insider adding, “She thought this was all just sour grapes from a few haters. But it’s not a passing thing — the hits just keep coming.”

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