Prof brings Godzilla-clad son to class

A little boy who accompanied his professor mom to work on Tuesday chose to make his visit a memorable one by dressing up for the occasion in his own special way.

Max had time off from school this week so he joined his mom Erika Biga Lee at her work place. Lee is a lecturer at the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University, which isn’t exactly a place you’d think of taking a kid looking to have some fun.

But instead of sitting quietly in the corner, the seven-year-old decided to add some flair to his visit, by showing up in a Godzilla suit. The tiny terror marched up and down the lecture hall, much to the delight of students, who snapped photos and posted them to Twitter.

Some photos managed to capture the range of emotions expressed in the students’ reaction to the costumed crusader – a mix of surprise and amusement. One student even appears to give the boy in the puffy Godzilla suit a high five.

Max surely gets an A+ when it comes to livening things up in the lecture hall.