New program offers rent relief to Yukon tenants

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Yukoners in rental housing are getting some help to cover costs, thanks to funding from a new territorial/federal program.

The Yukon and Canadian governments jointly announced the $18.2-million Canada-Yukon Housing Benefit program that provides eligible Yukon renters with $200, $400, $600 or $800 every month to help pay for their housing, according to a joint news release.

It's geared toward low to moderate income earners, the release says.

The amount eligible households will receive will be determined by the size of the family and the household's income. The program is intended for Yukoners who can't afford rent for a home that meets their needs, and who have a household income of less than $103,070 per year.

The benefit program pays tenants directly.

"[The benefit] prioritizes households in need and the tenant can continue to receive the benefit if they move to another home within the territory," stated the release.

Yukoners can apply for the benefit now, and it's scheduled to begin paying out before Dec. 1, 2020.

The release states the program is part of an agreement between the two orders of government under the National Housing Strategy that will provide $75 million towards social and community housing, and support the territory's housing priorities.

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