Progress in talks on Patriot defense systems for Ukraine, says Ambassador

Natalya Halibarenko
Natalya Halibarenko

Progress has been reported in talks regarding the provision of Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine, Ukraine’s Ambassador to NATO, Natalya Halibarenko, said in an interview with Ukrinform on May 23.

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Following the April meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Defense Ministers' Council, where Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed NATO officials, Germany announced its decision to supply an additional Patriot air defense system to Ukraine.

NATO continues to work on this initiative at all levels, Halibarenko said, but added that it remains a "difficult task."

Not all NATO countries possess the Patriot systems that Ukraine needs to counter ballistic missiles, she said. Those that do have only a limited number and must consider their own national security needs, the political situation in their country, and in some cases, upcoming elections.

Politico previously reported that Germany's initiative stalled because other countries were unwilling to provide their air defense systems to Kyiv.

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Germany has launched a global initiative to strengthen Ukraine's air defense. The Netherlands and Denmark are also considering financial support for this initiative.

At a meeting in Italy on April 19, G7 foreign ministers pledged to help Ukraine strengthen its air defenses.

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